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Franklynn PetersonJUDI KESSELMAN-TURKEL and FRANKLYNN PETERSON have written, edited and taught together since 1975 as:

P/K Associates, Inc.
3006 Gregory Street
Madison, WI 53711
phone (608) 231-1003
email studysmart@booksthatteach.com

Authors and coauthors of 22 nonfiction books, 11 on writing-related topics
Communications educators
Co-authors, "The Business Computer" syndicated newspaper column (1983-1994)
Editors, "CPA Computer Report," a newsletter for accountants (1983-present)


bullet1977 Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award (American Business Press Association)
bullet1984 Citation for Excellence in Consumer Journalism, National Press Club
bullet1985 First Prize for Excellence in Consumer Journalism, National Press Club


bullet1990 Citation by Governor Norman H. Bangerter of Utah for contributing to having made Utah very significant in the computer industry
bullet1985 First Prize for Excellence in Consumer Journalism, National Press Club (for syndicated newspaper column, The Business Computer)
bullet1984 Citation for Excellence in Consumer Journalism, National Press Club (for syndicated newspaper column, The Business Computer)
bullet1977 Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award (American Business Press Association)
bullet1973 Brotherhood in Media Award, National Conference of Christians & Jews
bullet1971 American Optometric Assn. Journalism Award


bullet1974 - The American Society of Journalists and Authors
bullet1978 - Authors Guild


     as Corporate Project Editors

bulletProject Editor for Investment Targeting: A Wisconsin Case Study, book-length report of the Pension Fund Study project of the Wisconsin Center for Public Policy (Madison)

     on Magazines

bulletPrime Times Magazine (Credit Union National Association): Contributing Editor
bulletSepia Magazine (a national monthly for black readers): Editor in Chief
bulletPhysician's Management Magazine (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich): Contributing Editor
bulletPageant Magazine (McFadden-Bartell Publications): Contributing Editor
bulletModern Screen Magazine (Dell Publications): Managing Editor
bulletTrue Story Magazine (McFadden-Bartell Publications): Senior Editor
bulletMy Love Secret and Real Stories magazines (KMR Publications): Editor-in-Chief
bulletHollywood Screen Parade, Screen Spotlight, and Romance Time (Allan Stearn Publications): Editorial Director
bulletSterling Publishing Company, NY: Editor/Producer, film and television fan magazines
bulletDell Publications, New York: Screen Stories Magazine, Modern Romances Magazine
bulletAuthor-Editor and production coordinator, numerous "one-shot" film and television magazines

     Editors with Newspapers, Newsletters, etc., for

bulletCPA Micro Report, CPA Computer Report
bulletSepia Magazine
bulletUnited Parent-Teacher Council, Great Neck, NY
bulletNorth Shore Junior Science Museum, Port Washington, NY
bulletNew York City Parent Teachers' Association
bulletReuben H. Donnelly Corp., NY

    LECTURESHIPS AND TEACHING POSITIONS (representative sample):

bulletAdult Educator, Great Neck (NY) Public Schools (with State University of New York at Stony Brook and Farmingdale)
bulletLecturer, Nonfiction, C.W. Post Center of Long Island University
bulletLecturer, Nonfiction, New York University
bulletInstructors, Communications Division, University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Programs (courses in research, interview techniques, writing skills, nonfiction marketing, business writing)
bulletInstructors, UW-Extension Telephone Network
bulletLecturer, Institute of Internal Auditors and Association of Government Accountants, Southern WI.
bulletLecturers, Center for Research and Development in University Programs for Nontraditional Students, University of Wisconsin
bulletChairs, Annual Midwest Nonfiction Writers' Conference, American Society of Journalists and Authors and University of Wisconsin Extension
bulletLecturer, Annual Media Bylines for Women Conference, University of Wisconsin
bulletInstructor, Junior Academy, Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
bulletLecturer, Professional Seminar, American Women in Radio and Television, Wisconsin chapter
bulletLecturer, Midwest Conference, International Association of Business Communicators
bulletLecturer, Northern Waters Writers' Conference, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
bulletInstructor, Marketing Techniques, Rhinelander (WI) School of the Arts

Our BIOGRAPHIES AND PROFILES appear in (representative sample):

bulletWho's Who in America 2006
bulletWho's Who in the World 2007
bulletJudi Kesselman-Turkel and Franklynn Peterson manuscript collection, Archive of Contemporary History, University of Wyoming
bulletContemporary Authors
bulletWorking Press of the Nation
bulletThe International Authors and Writers Who's Who (Brit.)
bulletDictionary of International Biography (Brit.)
bulletWho's Who in U.S. Writers, Editors and Poets
bulletLong Island (NY) Press, 10/10/72, 12/21/72
bulletNewsday (NY), 5/26/76, reprinted nationally
bulletNew York Times, 1/16/77



     By Judi Kesselman-Turkel

bulletGETTING BACK IN (M. Evans)

     By Franklynn Peterson

bullet2001 Freedom From Fibromyalgia (Three Rivers Press/Random House) - coauthor Nancy Selfridge, MD
bullet1977, 1986 How to Fix Damn Near Everything (Prentice-Hall) - 1,000,000+ COPIES IN PRINT
bullet1973, 1978 Handbook of Lawn Mower Repair (Emerson Books, Hawthorn Books)
bullet1976 The Build It Yourself Furniture Catalog (Prentice-Hall}
bulletChildren’s Toys You Can Build Yourself (Prentice-Hall)

     COAUTHORED: Peterson and Kesselman-Turkel

bulletGOOD WRITING (Franklin Watts, University of Wisconsin Press 2007): a basic college rhetoric textbook
bulletTHE MAGAZINE WRITER'S HANDBOOK (Prentice Hall, University of Wisconsin Press 2006)
bulletTHE AUTHOR'S HANDBOOK (Prentice Hall, University of Wisconsin Press 2006)
bulletTHE GRAMMAR CRAMMER (Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletRESEARCH SHORTCUTS (Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletNOTE-TAKING MADE EASY Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletTHE VOCABULARY BUILDER (Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletTEST TAKING STRATEGIES (Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletSTUDY SMARTS (Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletSECRETS TO WRITING GREAT PAPERS (Contemporary Books, University of Wisconsin Press 2004)
bulletHOMEOWNER'S BOOK OF LISTS (Contemporary Books)
bulletEAT ANYTHING EXERCISE DIET (Wm. Morrow) third author Dr. Frank Konishi, chairman, Nutrition Department, Southern Illinois University; foreword by Dr. Jean Meyer
bulletTHE DO-IT-YOURSELF CUSTOM VAN BOOK (Contemporary Books)


bulletVANS (Dandelion Press)
bulletI CAN USE TOOLS (Elsevier-Nelson/Dutton)

     NEWSPAPER ARTICLES (representative sample)

bullet1983-94 Co-authored and self-syndicated continuing award-winning series of computer columns with working titles The Business Computer and Frank and Judi on Computers, published by approximately 150 US and overseas newspapers
bulletParade (national Sunday supplement): "Should You Raffle Your House?"
bulletThe National Star: "Eat Anything and Exercise Diet"
bulletLos Angeles Times Syndicate: 5-part feature series on diet and exercise
bulletMetropolitan Sunday Newspaper Group (nation alliance): "How to Pick a Pill"
bulletNew York Times: "Suburbia? It Has Its Drawbacks"
bullet"It Costs Too Much to Go to a Museum"
bulletNewsday's LI Magazine (NY): "Without Ken: the Story of a Policeman's Widow"
bulletFamily Weekly (national newsmagazine insert):
bullet"10 Questions You're Always Asked About Cancer"
bullet"Get a College Degree in Your Living Room"
bulletGreat Neck, NY, Record: concert review series


bullet1980 "Why Johnny Can't Write" (Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters)

     MAGAZINE ARTICLES (representative sample):

bullet1975-81 Created an unique in-depth phone survey device copyrighted under the name "PhoneScan" and used to create article series for Hospitals and Physician's Management magazines. The series in Physician's Management ran steadily for 42 monthly issues and won the coveted Jesse H. Neal Award for editorial achievement of the American Business Press Association
bullet1976-82 "12 Ways to Get More Out of Studying," Seventeen Magazine, reprinted by Women's Weekly of Australia, Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, The Reading Commitment (a college reader) by Adelstein and Pavel (HBJ, 1978) Expression and Communication (a high school reader) by McMaster (Acad. Press Can., 1980), others
bullet"Risk Management," Computers in Banking Magazine
bullet"The Big Daddy of Sweat Equity," Fortune Magazine
bullet"Taking the Tough Route of Fairness," American Education Magazine
bullet"Catching Customers With Sweepstakes," Fortune
bullet"Agent X," OMNI Magazine
bullet"House-Selling with Raffles," Parade Magazine
bullet"Fixing Up" (8-article series), Women's World Magazine
bullet"No-Nonsense Ways to Save Energy," Prime Times
bullet"How the Laws Affect Your Retirement," Prime Times
bullet"Medical Office Managers," Women's World
bullet"Taking the Fun Out of Pot," OMNI
bullet"The Marketing of Carl Sagan," OMNI
bullet"The History of Paper," Viewpoints
bullet"The Eat Anything Exercise Diet," Success Unlimited
bulletseries of travel and restaurant review articles, Wisconsin Regional Magazine
bullet"Paint Your Home to Last 10 Years," Popular Science
bullet"How Tornado Labs Tame Giant Twisters," Popular Mechanics
bullet"Villa Vacations," Physician's Management
bullet"Your Health" article series for Success Unlimited Magazine (6 bimonthly articles)
bullet"Great Get-Away-From-It-All Vacations," Prime Times Magazine
bullet"12 Ways to Help You Wins A's," Seventeen
bullet"The Contraceptive Controversy," Be Alive Magazine
bullet"Your Immunity to Cancer," Science Digest (reprinted in college textbook Readings in Human Biology, Avery, 1979)
bullet"Tornado," Popular Science
bullet"Wargaming," Science Digest
bullet"Women's Transit Authority," McCall's Magazine
bullet"Dome Homes," Money Magazine, Popular Science
bullet"How to Read a College Catalog," Seventeen
bullet"Miracle Machine: SuperCAT With X-Ray Eyes," Family Health (reprinted in Science Digest
bullet"Affair with a Married Man," Playgirl (reprinted in New Woman
bullet"Detecting Learning Problems Before Children Start School," McCall's
bullet"Winter of '76," Modern Medicine
bullet"Build Your Own Luxurious Plastic Furniture," Family Handyman
bullet"Finding Humans to Provide Human Interest," Writer's Digest Magazine
bullet"After You're Raped You Need a Lawyer," VIVA (2-part series)
bullet"Camp Counselors: 15 Questions to Ask in an Interview," New Ingenue
bullet"The Divorce Game," Playgirl Magazine (reprinted by the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting for inclusion in National Public Television series Consumer Survival Kit
bullet"The Care and Feeding of Stopouts," Change, the Magazine of Higher Education
bullet"Divorce Insurance," Barrister, magazine of the American Bar Association (ghosted)
bullet"12 Ways to Get More out of Studying," Seventeen
bullet"The Skateboard Menace," Family Health Magazine
bullet"25 Doctors Talk About House Calls," Family Health
bullet"Are House Calls Ever Necessary?" Practical Psychology for Physicians
bullet"10 Questions Patients Are Afraid to Ask About Cancer," Practical Psychology for Physicians
bullet"Stopping Out: A Planned Leave of Absence," Nutshell: A Handbook for College
bullet"How to Get a College Degree at Home," Playgirl
bullet"Library Education," Modern Maturity Magazine
bullet"Female Alcoholics," New Dawn Magazine
bullet"Colds: Catching Them, Curing Them," Weight Watchers
bullet"Stopping Out: The New Alternative to Dropping Out," New Ingenue Magazine
bullet"You and Your Career: the Medical Profession," New Ingenue
bullet"Do You Think Fat or Thin?" Weight Watchers Magazine
bullet"A Guide to Franchising," Pageant
bullet"How to Learn to Assert Yourself," Chatelaine (Can.)
bullet"This Is an Emergency," Pageant


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