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The Vocabulary Builder

When does a tory delay things?
When he's dilatory.
When does a tory have no definite plan?
When he's desultory.

Here, finally is the no-sweat way to a larger vocabulary. Through matching games, fill-in-the-blank games, scrambled-word games, and more, you are introduced to 600 well-used but often misunderstood words taken directly from the popular press and found on all vocabulary skills exams. By meeting and reusing each word at least four times in the book's word games, its meaning is painlessly reinforced and retested. At the end of the book, a dictionary-style index of all the vocabulary words provides pronunciations and definitions.

What the reviewers said:

"The Vocabulary Builder could be a valuable supplement for students who are above average in vocabulary knowledge."
óJames D. Riley, Journal of Reading

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An excerpt from The Vocabulary Builder:


Here are definitions for 85 words, every one of which includes double letters, ss, ll, ee, dd, etc. They are all located horizontally in order of definition in the jumble of letters belowóbut beware, for there are nonsense letters between many words. And to make it a bit tougher, some of the defined words overlap.

  1. a long hostile feud
  2. changing boundaries to put a suburb within city limits
  3. not showing a clear-cut attitude on a particular subject
  4. pretend to know something
  5. to produce without restraint
  6. producing a strong effect
  7. vulgarly flashy
  8. the money lacking to meet a predetermined goal
  9. an animal track
  10. to avenge or repair a wrong
  11. beside the point
  12. pleasurable excitement
  13. unattractive
  14. to plan well
  15. irregular or not easy to predict
  16. helping to substantiate
  17. fictional story that demonstrates a factual point
  18. to pick and choose from a group
  19. a happy escapade
  20. slip fluidly through a small opening
  21. not in good humor
  22. to continually annoy
  23. a noisy quarrel over nothing of great importance
  24. effectiveness of, for instance, a sedative
  25. an American technical expert in London's U.S. Embassy
  26. it came from Mars, so it's called     
  27. make a bad condition somewhat better
  28. unless you want to quibble, this is          how it is
  29. chatter
  30. since we disapprove of your policy, we'll         your next meeting
  31. illegally passing a boundary line
  32. to arouse sharp feelings of annoyance
  33. much more than enough
  34. having real-world knowhow
  35. flitting along in the breeze
  36. big, unpleasant, crude
  37. give in
  38. in a mood to start trouble
  39. a Brownie point given by an admirer
  40. search until you find something that's been concealed
  41. to pass off a counterfeit as the real thing (2 words)
  42. not successful at all
  43. try to wreck
  44. not likely to be offensive
  45. wander away from the rest
  46. holding down or back
  47. to decide a value for taxation
  48. when someone uses the wrong fork
  49. someone who disagrees with an established philosophy
  50. to talk somebody out of doing something
  51. taking charge of somebody else's life whether they like it or not
  52. the ability to just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
  53. decision to be cordial with one another
  54. a sense of being of immediate importance
  55. said of a person who's bad and likely to stay that way
  56. when something is going to happen any day now
  57. something that doesn't have the desired effect is _____
  58. an implied or subtle slur on somebody's character
  59. an all-out attack
  60. unrealistically optimistic about everything
  61. to drain of all emotional and intellectual energies
  62. had as a condition since birth
  63. to zig and zag out of control
  64. what it is when you grab something before others can get it
  65. publicity exaggeration
  66. thinking about other things
  67. this person held the job just before you
  68. enough to see or measure
  69. satisfy him so he'll keep quiet
  70. hostile
  71. informal kind of talk
  72. a quick and big growth
  73. almost without exception
  74. a lack of responsibility
  75. 1000 years
  76. sticking one's nose in where not wanted
  77. got no respect
  78. senile or foolish
  79. ask questions formally and systematically
  80. perfect, or mighty close to it
  81. not capable of being broken up
  82. praise from an official
  83. get rid of entirely
  84. recognized as having come from someone in particular
  85. tell the difference between two things

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