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we've received on our books.

     Study Smarts

"I've been recommending it to a lot of people." Jan Yager (J.L. Barkas), author of 25 books including Single In America

     The Grammar Crammer

"I gave ten copies of The Grammar Crammer to family and young friends, and asked my students to buy copies. It's a great help. As my educated daughter said, 'Even I had to use it.' (Me too.)"
Mrs. Carleton B. Howell

     Spelling Simplified

"I would buy your book again on sight if I wanted one t o help me with spelling."
Elsie D. Smelt, author of the book Speak, Spell and Read English

"Thanks for a thought-provoking book."John Shaffer, Maryland

"Excellent book to help older children/teens and adults with spelling rules and oddities."  message on Yahoo groups

     Research Shortcuts

"It's one of the most useful, comprehensive and well-written books I've ever seen in this important field. I'm calling my friendly local bookseller today and ordering three copies of Research Shortcuts - one for my own library and one for each of my college-student sons."
Jack Klasey, author and illustrator of the books Photo and Digital Imaging and Exploring Transportation

"I have to let you know that [Research Shortcuts] is my bible as I head down the stretch of a Ph.D. in Social Work! Forget all the fancy dissertation guides - if I can't find my research shortcuts book, I go crazy! (I've owned it for years!) The outline part where I ask myself specific questions is what grounds me in any paper or article I write. Thanks so much....I'd recommend it to everyone, especially doctoral students!"
Ann B. Brewster, M.S., M.S.W., Research Associate, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Your book Research Shortcuts...came to my attention recently when I found a copy among some volumes I am processing into a sort of library here in the HOPE/XMU office. I am a retired high school librarian, and was much impressed with the good advice included in your book."
Barbara H. Smith, Project HOPE/Xian Medical University Office

"I love your book Research Shortcuts. In fact, I want to use it in my speech class....It has helped me a great deal and I think it can help the others in my class."
Dan Wendling

"Your book was great." Lillian V. Bitz

"As a high school librarian I use your books frequently with my students and find your advice direct and clear and your tips helpful and to the point.  I particularly like the introduction to Research Shortcuts where you comment on the extreme slowness of student researchers.  I see so many examples of this in my class.  Thank you for your help."
Anne White, Queensbury High School, NY

     Vocabulary Builder

"I am on lesson 16.  Vocabulary Builder is wonderful.  I enjoy doing puzzles and games for a purpose.  Thank you so much for your vocabulary volume." Georgianna Daly, Henrietta, NY

     The Author's Handbook

"Thanks to your lucid, instructive book, I have taken heart and believe it may, after all, be possible to sell novels without deserting home and family and moving to New York."
Erin O'Shaughnessy, author of Pasaqina.

The book is terrific! Bernhardt Hurwood, author of Vampires, Chilling Ghost Stories, and many other books.

     The Magazine Writer's Handbook

"It's so easy reading, so concise, and full of meaty writing information. On every page I find something to underline and muse over. Thank you." P. F.

"Written by two freelance and magazine writing class instructors, this book explains to the beginning writer all the necessary details of how to go about getting your magazine articles in print. Using many examples, they cover exactly how a beginning freelancer can build up to publishing in major magazines. The book itself appears modest on the cover, hiding a wealth of information for anyone who hopes to make his living freelancing. The writing is in an easy, informative style that makes the reader want to keep reading to the last page. Even though the book was last published in 1987, the information is still timely for today's writer."
Customer review, BarnesandNoble.com

     Freedom From Fibromyalgia

"I am a retired teacher. I took early retirement due to my arthritis and fibromyalgia. Freedom From Fibromyalgia makes more sense to me than anything I've read in the 15 years since I was diagnosed with this malady. (I "read" it by way of the Readers for the Blind and Handicapped, twice.)"
Amazon.com reader

"As a sufferer of fibromyalgia for the past three years, I looked far and wide to find help. One can find testimonials for miraculous improvement from just about everything from colostrum, animal livers, getting rid of chemicals in fruits and nuts, too much phosphate, too little glycosamine...too many iffy possibilities!!!

"Finally, I found a book which explains in plain terms how emotions cause the release of certain chemicals into the body and in turn, how these chemicals affect our health. This understanding of the mind/body connection from very measurable indicators has served to help me understand how my pain is triggered, and more importantly, how to control it. It is not fluff, it is NOT blame the victim. On the contrary, by taking control of one's thoughts, lifestyle, and state of mind, one also takes back control of one's life from a very real and very tenacious disease. Thank you, Dr. Selfridge and Mr. Peterson, it has helped a lot. I have shared this book with my doctor in the hopes that he, too, will find it useful in treating his other suffering patients."
Cathy Sandoval

I am a registered physical therapist in Toronto, Canada. I treat, in my practice, a lot of people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and my patients come into the office and tell me how they feel about your book. They say of all the books they have read - and they read everything - your book has helped them the most. They say it really makes sense and they have gained a lot of insight into their conditions and themselves from its contents."
Iris Weverman

"This doctor really knows how to fix chronic pain. She has fibromyalgia herself, and cured it. I went to see her about terrible chronic muscle problems due to overuse and fibromyalgia that had spread to all parts of my body. I had been dealing with this for 3+ years and the Mayo Clinic told me that there was nothing they could do.

"I finally gave up and tried this approach as a last resort (I am horribly skeptical of all forms of non-conventional treatment).

"It seemed like a miracle when my pain cleared up and I got my life back. Most of the pain went away in 3-4 months. I still deal with it from time to time but I have the tools to deal with it now.

"This approach isn't easy, but with persistence it absolutely works.

"I still apply her methods and Dr. John Sarno's today, and am now very much in control of my disorder, thanks to her help.

"I highly recommend reading it and Dr. John Sarno's book, "The Mindbody Prescription." It really does work, especially if all conventional treatment has failed you."
Amazon.com reader

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